Getting Started with ETFs - Part 2

Updated: Oct 22

This is the 2nd part of the wider Getting Started with ETFs series. You can jump ahead to other parts below or scroll further to learn more about the types of ETFs out there.

What kind of ETFs are there?

Now that you’ve done some homework on your investing type, the next step is to choose what ETFs might be suitable for you?

In Australia there are a few key types of ETFs available, Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, Property, and Cash/Currency. Equity ETFs are split into regions (Australian, Asian, Emerging Markets and Global), other groups have an Australian domestic versus global type split. The ASX and Chi-X split these categories out in their report and we use them in some of our data visualisations.

Figure 1 - Eftracker latest returns for 2021 by ETF Category