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List of ETF Apps

This page showcases a list of various ETF applicaitons that you can access to do further analysis on local and global ETF markets. Some applications have a full spectrum of tools whereas others might only look at price performance. Features continue to be added all the time to these so please check back for more updates

ETF Logic - Logicly Platform

Logicly, is the ETF platform from ETF Logic and contains a wealth of different tools for ETF enthusiasts. This includes screeners, flow analysis and charting tools. It also includes an ability to view ETF holdings by what ETF they are a part of. This does not include all Australian companies however as you can look up mainstays like CBA or BHP and see their ETF exposure but Afterpay is not listed. It might come out in new updates though. There is a tonne of functionality here so check it out below:

ETF Logic.png
ETF Logic Screen.png


Koyfin is a powerful platform when you consider the availability of tools you can use for free (with a pricing model coming out sometime in the future and likely advanced features for paying users). It's not exactly a Bloomberg-killer but it goes a long way to being that powerful. They have a wealth of features including dashboard, news and other forms of analysis and have recently expanded to be able to cover global markets, not just the US. Whilst they cover Australian stocks, there are not as many features for Australian ETFs (like being able to look at ETF holdings) but no doubt that will be in the pipeline. So keep an eye on this one.

Check it out here and sign up for free:

Koyfin Screen.png

ETF Database

ETF Database has a variety of different analysis tools ranging from screeners, country exposure tools, sector trackers and comparisons tools. It has a more international flavour to it but there are some Australian ETFs listed. It is a companion site to ETF Trends which covers more news, tips, stock quotes, webcasts and other content.

Check out ETF Database here:

ETF Database.png
ETF Database screen


TrackInsight is a free exchange-traded funds analysis platform founded by Koris International in 2014. The service provides ratings and comparison tools on exchange-traded funds distributed in North America, Europe and Asia

Access TrackInsight and sign up for a free account here:

TrackInsight logo2.PNG

Lensell Diversiview

Diversiview uses genetic algorithms and mathematical optimisation techniques to let you balance your portfolio and calculate the weights that achieve your desired target:

  • the minimum possible portfolio risk, or

  • the maximum possible expected portfolio return, or

  • a combination of both: the maximum return for minimum risk

Access Diversiview and sign up here:


PlanetFinance - ETF Portfolio Tracker

Despite the similar name, this is not an ETFtracker product. This is a Google Spreadsheet based portfolio tracker (from PlanetFinance) that could be useful for those looking for ways to analyse their ETF (and other asset) portfolio performance. The user needs to add the ETFs in their portfolio or watchlist and download the holdings files from each provider and enter these into the provided sheets. Once done this shows where the ETF has exposure to by region and sector.  There is an ability to set target weights in the dashboard too. The MER costs per year are calculated based on the MER% and the weighted portfolio value to understand the underlying costs priced in the ETFs. Planet Finance also provides an Investment Portfolio Tracker which can be connected to this if the user wants. 

Access Link (Make sure to go to File → Make a copy to enter your own private data under your Google account): Demonstration Video (Planet Finance YouTube):

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