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Getting Started with ETFs - Part 5

Updated: Dec 4, 2022

Where to trade ETFs

Once you've considered all of these things you can count yourself much better informed about your ETFs. Your next step may involve adding these ETFs to a watchlist in whatever trading or research app you use or, if you're a spreadsheet kind of person, you can add it to a Google spreadsheet to look at past performance or track how it's doing going forward. You can also get ETF data out of Yahoo Finance if you have coding skills and can use Python.

You may also want to decide on platform where you can buy and sell ETFs and there are a few out there who can help. These include your 4 major banks (and St George, Macquarie, Suncorp, Bank of QLD, HSBC, Bank of Melbourne) as well as other retail brokerages. The choice of platform is something that when it comes to picking the best, will depend on your particular circumstances, how often you're looking to trade, which markets you're looking to invest in and whether there are other benefits of going with any of these providers such as ease of having investment and other assets all under the one roof (e.g. CBA accounts and using CommSec to trade).

Before we get started, this is the 5th part of the wider Getting Started with ETFs series. Just like we dive into the data, you can either dive back to one of the previous epsidoes or look ahead to future episodes when they are available.

The following are listed not as an endorsement of any nor is this list exhaustive. Rather, this is to showcase the choice that is available apart from major banks:

Adviser driven (Robo or otherwise)

Investment platforms


These different apps have different features and different assets they provide. Not all ETFs are available on each of the apps either. Below we have a few videos and articles that go through a review of these.

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Michael Ko - BEST ASX Brokers To Invest In Australian Stocks 2021 (SelfWealth, Pearler, Superhero, Think, Open)

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