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Getting Started with ETFs - Part 4

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Now that you've gotten to learn about ETFs with the introduction articles, videos, podcasts (part 1), seen the different types of ETFs (part 2) and learnt about data that's important when looking at ETFs (part 3), its time to move into some analysis examples.

Before we get started, this is the 4th part of the wider Getting Started with ETFs series. Just like we dive into the data, you can either dive back to one of the previous epsidoes or look ahead to future episodes when they are available.

Examples using ETFtracker to perform analysis

There are 4 options on the landing page including:

  1. Dashboard to quickly see what has happened in the latest month

  2. Analytics pages to look at overall ranks of ETFs across different metrics

  3. ETF Snapshots page to understand trends at an individual ETF level

  4. ETF Holdings comparison pages

Below we showcase examples of 3 and 4 as they have been the most poular menu options used to date. We will add examples of the others over time.

Example 1 - Using ETF Snapshots

Using the ETF Snapshots page to see how an ETF looks based on the key metrics mentioned in part 3 is what we show here and the example is for the VanEck Quality ETF (ticker QUAL).

In this example we can see various details about the ETF such a the provider, the category it sits in and the benchmark it tracks. We also have details about the holdings of this ETF which we can dive into. We can see that performane has been positive and that it has been growing in size as well as seeing more and more transactions. We look at its liquidity and spread % and finally round off with looking at yield (which has been declining slowly) and its costs.

Another example of this is looking at another popular ETF, Vanguard's Diversified High Growth fund (ticker VDHG). We did this one prior to having the holdings data in the main ETFtracker app but the rest of the measures we look at are the same.

Example 2 - Using the Holdings Comparison Tool to look for holdings

This holdings data used to sit as separate pages (and separate apps) on ETFtracker. The following videos relate to the holdings comparison as part of the holdings analysis page but this feature is also available on the main ETFtracker app as of now. The features in this video remain the same in the main app.

In this example we search for which ETFs in our coverage list contain Kogan (ASX:KGN) as we had seen it spoken about in a podcast by Equity Mates. We use the search holdings section to see which ETFs they are after looking for the ticker KGN.

In this video we use the same feature but this time to look for Evergrande exposure. We see that exposure is limited for this stock in the ETFs in our coverage but it's important to remember that whilst there may not be direct impact from Evergrande there may be banks, insurance and other companies that are negatively effected by a company like Evergrande and these may be more prominent in an ETF.

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