This page showcases a list of various ETF datasets that you can access. It is mainly focused on Australian ETFs but some international datasets will also be included.

Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)

Each month the ASX publishes an update on the various Exchange Traded Products (ETPs including ETFs), LICs (Listed Investment Companies), mFund (ASX unlisted managed funds), REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) and more. This dataset is one of the key inputs for the ETFtracker application.

You can view more details here:

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Like the ASX, Chi-X also publishes an update on the various Exchange Traded Products (ETPs including ETFs) that are exchanged at its venue. This includes the ASX listed ETFs to give a total market view. This also makes up an important part of the ETFtracker app as the data for Chi-X only listed ETFs comes from here.

You can view more details here:

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Market Index

Complete overview of the ASX share market. Get today's stock quotes, tips, broker consensus and upcoming floats. They have a specific section on ETFs under their Popular Pages.

You can find more details here:

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Yahoo Finance

Not just a useful website for finance news and data for equities, they also are a great source of insights and details on Australian ETFs. They showcase some holdings data as well as price performance of ETFs and have downloads you can access. If you're a bit more capable, you can utilise their API access to programatically obtain the data you need for your analysis.

You can find more details here:

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Quandl is a marketplace for financial, economic and alternative data delivered in modern formats for today's analysts, including Python, Excel, Matlab, R, and APIs. They were originally a standalone company but were bought out by Nasdaq in 2018. Whilst their data is more US focused, for traders looking for great dataset on US ETF markets, Quandl has a variety of resources you can subscribe to.

You can find more details here:

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