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Getting Started with ETFS - Part 6

Our Favourite ETF podcasts and shows

In this part we look at where to continue watching, listening and learning about ETFs. We list our favourite podcasts and some links where to find them. We will continue to add to this list over time but if you have any favourites that you'd like to see, add a comment below and we'll consider adding them.

Hope this is helpful on your ETF education journey!

Note: I know it's Spotify heavy on the links but we'll add the Apple equivalents later on.

Before we get started, this is the 6th part of the wider Getting Started with ETFs series. Just like we dive into the data, you can either dive back to one of the previous epsidoes or look ahead to future episodes when they are available.


ETF Edge - from the folks at CNBC. this is hosted by Bob Pisani (Stocks Editor at CNBC) and he is joined by market participants to chat all range of topics in the world of ETFs. Mostly an American perspective but still useful here in Australia.

ETF Prime - from Nate Geraci and team at the ETF Store, an investment advisory offering perspectives on ETFs. Nate's weekly podcast is also great to learn more about the industry. Less videos on YouTube here but the podcast content is updated on the regular.

Let's Talk ETFs - this one is from the team at Seeking Alpha (the home of crowdsourced equity and other market research) and in this series, Jonathan Liss and team talk to various fund managers, ETF issuers, asset managers and more to see how the ETF industry evolves.

The Alpha Females Invest - a new and local one from 2 females working in the investments industry and they talk with a diverse range of guests from brokers, to ETF issuers to those working in crypto. Their topics include breaking down the role of institutional broking and the role of carbon in the equity market. Definitely one to keep an eye on as they add more episodes.

Equity Mates - Well known and well loved podcast series from Bryce Leske and Alec Renehan, founders of Equity Mates Media. They've had a couple of great getting started series on ETF investing (see our Getting Started Guide - Part 1 for more). Check out their episodes on their podcast as well as their collaboration with ausbiz.

Shares for Beginners - In this series, host Phil Muscatello interviews various experts on topics like equities and ETFs to help investors make smart decisions in the stock market. Phil does a lot of work with the Australian Shareholders Association for their podcasts as well so you might recognise his voice. He has a US focused version of Shares for Beginners called Stocks for beginners so check out the work he's done below

  • Shares for Beginners: Spotify

  • Stocks for Beginners: Spotify

  • Equity ASA (Australian Shareholder Association): Spotify

The ETFtracker Show - can't get by without listing ourselves here now can we? We have only been around a few months but in terms of the offering there is the weekly recap of what's happened in the news with our Exchange Traded Fridays series and then we've also spoken with people in the ETF industry via our Interview with Experts series and finally, using our tools to look under the hood of ETFs and show people how to do it with our ETF Analysis series.

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