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Using the Single Stock View Section - ETFtracker Application

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

UPDATE: As of July 2021, the ETFtracker has been updated to a new format - to see how the new app works you can check out the following App Guide videos on Youtube: and this article in the blog:

In this article we show you how you what's in the Single Stock View section of the ETFtracker application.

This section came from a request from customers looking at the Analytics section on its own. Despite the power of insights generated from this section it was limited in that you could only view a section of information on the page at a time. There was only Performance or Transactions or FUM that was available to view for any given ETF issuer, category or individual fund.

The Single Stock view section allows users to filter down to any level and see a variety of statistics that relate to that view. This gives users a better snapshot of any given grouping at a time,.


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