ETF app features and new videos coming

Since launching the new app we've created a couple of videos on our socials which showcase some of the features. You can see them on the YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and even TikTok channels we are on.

The videos are screen captured from laptop and then we use TikTok to do the recording but these have resulted in a bit lower quality videos as the max quality there is 360p.

So below is a recording where we still use the desktop to do the recording but we add audio to it after and keep it all in the original quality. We'll do more of these higher quality videos to showcase other parts of the app and share further ETF insights.

Additionally, we explore some of the ETF issuers and how you can interactively view their data on ETFtracker and go straight to that funds page.

Enjoy these ones for now but stay tuned for more!

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