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Happy New Year + Twitter Updates!

Hi everyone, hope you've had a great break over this last few weeks. It's been some time since we had our last chat but luckily the markets haven't had too much craziness (unless you've been in bitcoin related ETFs like CRYP or DIGA). Notice that I mentioned exposed? That's because neither we nor our friends in the US have a spot Bitcoin/crypto ETF (e.g. an ETF that tracks the actual Bitcoin/Ethereum or other coins directly), rather we have indirect exposure here via ETFs holding companies involved in the crypto space or which hold crypto directly. In the US, they've got the futures based crypto ETFs.

Anyway, before we digress further, the update today is to highlight that we've published on the ETFtracker Twitter page (did you know we're on Twitter?) a few "how to" guides. These are focused on how to use the ETF Snapshots feature as well as the Holdings Comparisons.

Thee hafve been done in the style of a Tweet thread so that each instruction/message is short, sharp and sweet (making it easy to follow along). Here's the first one on snapshots

and the next one on holdings comparisons -

Make sure to follow us on Twitter here and stay tuned for further ETF analysis and other updates.

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