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App updates

Hi all,

Been a while since we've blogged and the community has certainly grown thanks to everyone sharing and liking and contributing their ideas. If you weren't already aware, we launched a podcast and YouTube set of videos to go along with the weekly newsletter (now in its 7th week). If you subscribe you can get access to all that for free!

Holdings Analysis Apps

Anyway, speaking of app updates, I've been working with a former colleague/friend (Tim Rosser) on some new features including the addition of new ETF holdings apps. We used to cover just 3 of the major providers (BetaShares, iShares and State Street) but we now do Vanguard, ETF Securities and VanEck thanks to help from Tim.

You can check them out here:

Below you can see how the user can navigate to search for particular holdings and see what ETFs they're in or compare ETFs to see how similar their holdings are.

Comparing ETFs

Searching for holdings

ETFtracker app

Additionally, we are updating the main ETFtracker app to make it easier to analyse and understand what is going on with a particular ETF (at least from a data-driven perspective). Here's an example showing the new easier to use menu as well as the Single ETF analysis page which gives a nice snapshot of the ETF.

From this data we can see

  • how returns have performed historically

  • whether the ETF is growing in size

  • what it's transactions have looked like

  • how well it trades

  • the strength of its distributions

  • and costs

Coupling this with links directly to each funds website and links to Google Finance pages for these ETFs (for up to date market prices) and this is a powerful single stop resource for Aussie ETF investors.

We're also working on a new landing page to directly go to where you want and more. Still a work in progress so below is what it might look like (don't hold us to this haha).

Will be out in a few weeks!

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