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Much needed website overhaul (thanks to some help)

Less of an ETF market update and more of an ETFtracker specific update here. Specifically we're talking about our website and some recent improvements that visitors and subscribers may have noticed. Over the last few weeks, along with an update to the year-old ETFtrracker app, we also added some new website features like the Forum and Podcast. The problem with all of this was that we just added elements to the website bit by bit but hadn't really looked at bringing them into a cohesive unit.

Below you can see what the website looked like before. You can't tell where the podcast is because it's hidden behind the Insights menu as a dropdown along with the Blog. The Guide was a section on its own but in review, it made more sense being included in the Apps section as a dropdown option. The worst part was the inability of the images to homepage images to scale which meant this page looks okay on laptop screens but on widescreens like below, things look stretched out.

To fix this we looked for and found an expert. Enter Michael Diedricks, a web developer who we brought in to undertake a website review. Thanks to his work we were able to do things like create a more logical menu and fix up the background images to scale. Here's the latest website now.

Now all app related items sit under the 1 menu and we've consolidated the apps as well with all holdings analysis tools on one page and all of the guides also on one page and make use of navigation buttons to move around on the page as well as arrows to guide a user back to the top of the page.

We fixed up other things like the fonts on the pages to have a more consistent style and size and we also created a feature section on the homepage to showcase some of the important features in the app.

It took a bit of work but was worthwhile getting there so we just wanted to give Michael the shout out here and if anyone is after improving their website please feel free to contact him at the following links:

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