ETFtracker update - June 2021

Updated: Jul 6

As we mentioned last month, we were working on an update to the ETFtracker app after having this currernt version out for over 12 months. Despite comign out a little bit later than we expected to release it, we're finally here and we'll begin by taking a look at a list of the updates.

If you want to jump straight to the app you can go to the Apps section on this site or scroll down to the end of this article.

So what's been updated?

Overall look and feel

Firstly, we have updated the overall look and feel of the app to this new app including the overall aesthetic and design. The last app took up a lot of space in terms of how we layed out the menus and sub-menus as well as filters on the page. With the filters at the top of the page in that app, there was a limit to how much could be added to them so it meant that if new interesting ways to filter the data became available, something would have to be removed from the top row. The same can be said for the menus with the main menu down the side taking up space and having sub-menus at the top of the page as well.

In this new version we make use of the app we take advantage of menu popouts which, for navigation, are on the left and for filters, are on the right. This way of doing things means that as new features are added to the app we don't have to do a hard redesign to try to find a place to fit things on the page.

All of this leads to being able to give more space to the charts we show on a page.

Old - Main menus and multiple sub-menus