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Introducing the Holdings Analysis app... for BetaShares

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

Ever wanted to look at ETFholdings data but found it too cumbersome to do so? We did too and that's why we created this app to make it easier for those looking at BetaShares ETFs. We will also do it for other providers too where the data is available in the formats we need but being one of the major holders of ETFs in Australia, we thought it would be a good idea to start with them.

You can access the app from the Apps menu as below:


Or you can navigate to it from the Apps menu on the homepage.


Firstly, you can expand the app by clicking on

You should then see it full-screen:

From here you can interact by choosing an ETF Sector (the various sectors that BetaShares classifies). You can also click on a particular element across the bar chart, heatmap, geogrraphic map or table. The whole thing is interactive.

Here's an example of clicking on an ETF in the first bar chart (showing ETFs ranked by Notional Value). In this case we've chosen HACK.

We can see that it has 454 million (AUD) in notional value, it's holdings are mostly in Information Technology and equities and Cisco Systems is it's highest holding followed by Accenture.

Using the CTRL button you can actually filter on multiple selections


As mentioned, the first bar chart is ranking ETFs y notional value. Scroll up and down this bar chart to see where the biggest BetaShares ETFs are and which are the smallest.

The heatmap is based on equity sectors so it only works where ETFs have an equity element.

Asset class is a data tag that showcases what each holding relates to, Equities, Cash, Commodity Futures, other ETFs.

The geographic map relates to equity holdings and shows the holdings location (likely head office location but I've not checked every single one yet).

The table allows you to search specific holdings to see what ETFs those holdings belong to - e.g. Fisher & Paykel Healthcare sits in 9 ETFs.

On the right hand side are 3 metrics relating to notional value, market value and number of ETFs that have been filtered.


All care has been taken to ensure that the ETFs shown here show the correct holdings but this has been a manual process to do the mapping. It cannot be relied upon for investment decision making.

Not all BetaShares ETFs have been mapped either. There are some that were listed but either have no holdings data available or were not able to be incorporated.

The data is updated once daily so changes intra-day will not be shown.

This tool is for educational and entertainment purposes only, no fees have been provided to share this insight. The purpose has been to showcase more insights into ETF markets to help end user investors, advisers, analysts, anyone with interest in ETF related data.

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