ETF Holdings - Diving in even further...

Updated: Aug 4

Thanks to the fantastic reception of the Digging Deeper into ETF Holdings article this week I thought I'd do another that looks at some observations that came from tracking changes in the Top 10 ETF holdings per Yahoo Finance.

Firstly, I've been monitoring the 150+ ETFs where top 10 holdings are shown on Yahoo Finance each day to flag where there might be changes. For the first few days there were no changes across the ETFs and their underlying (top 10) holdings. But on day 4 we finally saw some differences in 10 of those ETFs.

Below we see the overall change in weight that the top 10 holdings were for the ETFs we analyse. This chart is the difference between ETF weight of the top 10 holdings on the 8th March 2021 - 11th March 2021.

From the time we began analysing this data (8th March 2021), the total weight of the top 10 holdings in IOZ was 44.4%. On the 11th March 2021 this was now 45.4% with subtle increases and decreases across the equities it holds.

Analysing this same data for the difference between 8th March 2021 and 16th March 2021 shows that 129 of the ETFs had changes and we can firstly see the largest increases.