Exchange Traded Fridays - Issue 8 - 10th September 2021

Welcome to Issue 8 of Exchange Traded Fridays for the week ending 10th September 2021 and it's a big Friday for us we go on ausbiz later at 130pm today. We'll talk about the latest ETF statistics which came out from the ASX on Wednesday. Martin Dinh and team have been hard at work crunching the numbers and so have we.

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This week in local news the biggest piece was the latest market update and we crunch the numbers in an article on ETFtracker. We also take a look at the latest ETF from ETF Securities (SEMI) and more on what to look out for with ETFs from Morningstar. Globally, we saw news on Chinese crackdowns not dampening spirits for Asian ETF investments and more on bitcoin ETFs as well as direct indexing. Here's a summary of what else is in this newsletter. What's in this newsletter?

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Articles - Local ETFtracker Blog - ASX Market Update - August 2021 - In this article we highlight the latest numbers we've crunched from the ASX. At a high level, nearly $123 billion in FUM is in the market now, driven by $3.5 billion of net inflows and performance was mostly positive with an average of +2.2% across the board. We explore this with a new and improved ETFtracker app and some new ETF snapshots (looking at ATEC and VGS in this case). Below you can see an animation of the new landing page, high-level snapshots, menus and ETF snapshots too.

Investor Daily - ETF boom to drive market cap $200bn - in this article it goes through some research from VanEck showing that market cap for ETFs is expected to reach $140 billion by the end of 2021 and that July was the biggest month of inflows on record for Aussie ETFS with $2.8 billion net inflows for that period. Their survey of investment manages showed that 89% of respondents would recommend ETFs to others as well. Investor Daily - Semiconductor ETF posts biggest 1st day in ASX history</