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Exchange Traded Fridays - Issue 5 - 20th August 2021

Welcome to Issue 5 of Exchange Traded Fridays for the week ending 20th August 2021. EDIT: Back on board for getting this out at the usual 730am morning delivery! Update on the hand, the fracture is healing although it has been fun learning how to do things with my off-hand. Definitely requires patience but a great learning experience! This week in local news we saw discussions on reporting season with ways to look at ETFs during this time as well as some new ETF listings coming to market. We also added a new mini-feature to compare ETFs to the website so check that out too. Globally, we saw articles highlighting the growth of ETFs over other mutual funds and potential benefits of bitcoin ETFs whenever they get to list. Check all this out and more in this weeks edition.

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Listen or Watch Before we go further, if you'd prefer to consume all this content in more convenient forms of media, we've launched The ETFtracker Show as a podcast and video and Exchange Traded Fridays comes at the end of each week. Additionally, we've launched a series of interviews with various ETF market participants.

You can also access the podcast directly on our website here:

The Weekly Wrap

Articles - Local

ETFtracker blog - A new ETFtracker resource - Google Finance Comparisons - In this article we show users a new feature on the ETFtracker app which enables the comparison of ETF prices in a more frequent manner and better yet, has done the work to group similar types of ETFs so you can more easily see what your options are for those exposed to China, technology, healthcare, ESG and more.

SAFAA Newsroom - Exploring ETF trends - 17th August - This article from the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA) was actually written by us and goes through how we use data to come up with compelling and interesting insights in the ETF markets. It was a pleasure to pull this together and share with the SAFAA audience and you definitely need to check out more of their newsroom articles for your reading list. Financial Standard - ETF Securities to list pure play Hydrogen ETF - Another one from Kanika this time talking about the upcoming new hydrogen themed ETF being offered by ETF Securities alongside another focused on Semiconductors. AFR - ETFs are the best way to capture clean energy sector gains - another great article from Jonathan Porter at the AFR on ESG type ETFs. Mentioned ETFs include IMPQ, CLNE as 2 ways to play the clean energy thematic. Financial Standard - Best-performing global equities funds for FY21 - In this article, Kanika Sood from the Financial Standard goes through the various top performing managed funds here in Australia and 2 of the top 10 funds were from ETF Issuers (BetaShares and Fidelity). Check out the article for who else was in the top list. ETF Securities - ETF Monitor - w/e 13th August - Top of the pops was a 4 way tie with FOOD, OZF, QFN and MVB at 3.2% last week. Worst was ETPMAG (the silver ETF) falling 6.6%. AFR - Lithium play grows on the market - article that looks at the ACDC ETF (ETF Securities Battery Tech & Lithium ETF) which looks at companies up and down the battery supply chain. With the demand for clean energy it seems worth a look. ETF Securities Australian ETF Landscape H2 2021 - Detailed compendium of an ETF report from the team at ETF Securities. As you can see from the contents page below, it covers a lot of different ETF categories and proves to be a great companion to better understand what different ETFs are about in a snapshot.

Articles - Global Bloomberg - Why Cathie Wood Took Her ARKK ETF’s China Stock Exposure to Zero - government intervention in Chinese companies has led to the flagship ARKK fund having no exposure to the Asian giant, but is it for good? Financial Times - The Age of ETFs is Looming - An FT Opinion Markets Insight article from the acclaimed Robin Wigglesworth. In this article he goes through a variety of facts and figures showing that the new world of investing will be less about mutual funds and more about ETFs. The era of the ETF is dawning. ETF Stream - A breakdown of global quality ETFs as investors plan for ‘new normal’ - In this article from the team at ETF Stream its about factors, namely the Quality factor as a way to avoid the pendulum swings between Value and Growth. They show quality has outperformed the others and a couple of global ETFs you can play to get quality exposure. Back home in Australia there are a few such as QUAL, QHAL, QLTY, QMIX, HQLT. ETF Stream - Are blockchain ETFs the answer for non-correlation? This article looks at whether blockchain related ETFs are not just useful to ride the wave of popularity but also could be useful as a non-correlated long-term play in your portfolio. Bitcoin as diversification sounds interesting.



Tweet of the week

This one is from Mike Akins at ETF Action looking at the ETFs holding Xpeng, the Tesla rival. Check out this and Mike's other tweets at

Chart of the Week - ASX total FUM growth to July 2021

This chart shows that total Funds Under Management (FUM) growth for the whole Australian ETF market is now $118.7 billion. This comes as the latest Chi-X numbers came out late last week which gives us the full picture of Australian ETF growth. At this pace of growth, by years end we'll be somewhere between $130-140 billion in market size.

Further ETF Education

Rask Australia - Ethical Investing 101 - This course from the folks at Rask is all about helping you better understand ethical investing and knowing the differences between things like ethical investing versus socially responsible and impact investing. There's about 19 topics in this course and its free so well worth checking out

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In the forum we've started getting a few messages about portfolio reviews as well as reviews of individual ETFs and have been using the data insights from the ETFtracker app to answer some of these. For example, we showed via the forum an animated image of how to use the comparison feature to look at property related ETFs (you can check out the full post here:

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Below is an example of our last YouTube video covering the last newsletter.

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