Exchange Traded Fridays - Issue 13 - 15th October 2021

Updated: Oct 15

Welcome to Issue 13 of Exchange Traded Fridays for the week ending 15th October 2021. In this week's news we highlight a feature we got to do with our friends at Livewire Markets on ETFs with income focus. We also interviewed Jeff Yew, CEO and Founder of Monochrome Asset Management who are an investment firm looking to be one of the first in Australia to list a bitcoin ETF which coincides with 2 new blockchain plays being announced from 2 ETF Issuers this week in Australia and we also saw some insights out of some ESG research from Perennial Partners. Jam-packed weak so check it out below.

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Articles - Local

Livewire Markets - 5 killer ETFs for your income portfolio - This is an interview we at ETFtracker got to do with Ally Selby from Livewire Markets as part of their larger Income Series. The full series is available here and in it, they'll have interviews and discussions with other experts in this field. For our interview we went through the data in terms of details about the ETFs that offer income exposure and then they even asked for ideas of a balanced portfolio that could provide income and positive returns as well which we chose. Check out the article for more details and the videos section below for our interview.

AUSIEX - Dive into technology ETFs - In this article, the team at AUSIEX talk technology ETFs including ACDC, ATEC, FANG, SEMI and more on the growth of thematic ETFs. Matt Tilley from AUSIEX chats with Kanish Chugh of ETF Securities about their latest listings.

Stockhead - Aussie Bitcoin ETF? Close enough… ASX to host BetaShares crypto-stock-focused fund - Details of the new BetaShares crypto ETF which will track the Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators Index (BITQ) index so Coinbase, Microstrategy and other companies in the space will be part of this index and it gives some indirect bitcoin exposure. Looks like we are getting closer to a bitcoin tracking ETF.

LinkedIn - FTEC Launch by ETF Securities - Another launch this week is that of FTEC from ETF Securities which will track Indxx Developed Markets Fintech & DeFi Index and is a fintech and blockchain play. Another way to access blockchain but with a mix of financial technology. What a week of launches from Australia! Check out the link for more details which are from David Tuckwell at ETF Securities and his post.

AFR - Millenials want their super invested in ETFs - a survey of 4,000 members by online trading platform Superhero has shown that ETFs were the most popular destination for investor money. 66% want this as the vehicle for retirement savings beating other assets like shares, crypto, property and US shares. This is higher for younger age groups as well. What is also interesting is that younger investors are wanting more crypto exposure.

Livewire Markets - An ETF poised to ride a $15 trillion global opportunity - Article and interview adding more flavour to the new ETF Securities hydrogen ETF that came aboard last week (ASX:HGEN). It leads to an article from last week showing more details about HGEN so worth a look for those interested in this new ESG play.

Why is the Betashares Nasdaq 100 (ASX:NDQ) ETF share price struggling lately? - From US treasury yields to market rate hikes and supply chain woes, some reasons here for why NDQ price has been off lately.