Exchange Traded Fridays - Issue 11 - 1st October 2021

Welcome to Issue 11 of Exchange Traded Fridays for the week ending 1st October 2021. In this week's news we saw some stuff on the gender pay gap and how ETFs are helping, investors getting in the clean energy sector and globally there was more chatter on bitcoin ETFs. We also have another update to the ETFtracker app as it continues to journey towards becoming even more useful for users. This time it was about combinations and bringing together the ETF Holdings Comparisons tool with the main ETFtracker app. We'll still run both for a bit longer but eventually you'll only need to go to one page to get the data you need to help you with your investing. Also this week, we spoke with Angel Zhong of RMIT for our Interviews with Experts. She gave us the research/academic view on ETFs and trading. What's in this newsletter?

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Articles - Local ETFtracker App Update - Merging Holdings and ETFtracker data - We just keep coming out with updates over here. I blame lockdown for all the spare time on weekends but you get to benefit and this ones a big one as we merge (finally) the holdings app with the main ETftracker app and even add some additional features. Check it out. Rask - 2 quality ETF's I'd buy in October - In this article from Jaz at Rask she goes through QLTY and MOAT from BetaShares and VanEck respectively. As usual there's highlights of performance, what they hold and their costs. Short but sweet! Financy - Young women helping to close gender gap in ETFs - This article goes through the way in which ETFs has helped bring back some parity in the wealth game especially as the ETF asset class just sits behind Aussie equities and investment property and how millennials are leading the way. AFR - Investors bank on ETFs to access clean energy sector - Market data and stats showing the growth of clean energy ETFs like CLNE, ERTH and ACDC with a new one coming from ETF Securities (HGEN). There's some details of each in the article too so worth a read.

Articles - Global Financial Times - Direct exposure to crypto might be better than ETFs, executives say - Another article looking at the potential of an ETF wrapper on top of bitcoin and how this could significantly open up the markets given how easily financial advisers could use it. The question is whether its too late as investors might already be getting exposure directly to bitcoin themselves. Jury is still out. Yahoo Finance - 10 Most Heavily Traded ETFs of Third Quarter - showcasing the most traded US ETFs with some familiar names we see in Australia and many new ones. Useful info if you trade global ETFs.

Videos ETF Snapshots - This set of videos is part of a new ETFtracker Analysis Series where we use the various tools we've built to do a quick yet deep dive into the metrics driving ETFs as well as their underlying holdings (where availalbe in our app). We have reviewed quite a few including QUAL, VDHG, IVV, CLNE, QUS, QLTY, RBTZ, CNEW, ETHI and have more on the way.