ETF Dictionary

Updated: Oct 12

List of terms used in the app and articles on ETFtracker as well as those seen amongst various ETF discussions online (and amongst my retail trading friends).

Use this to help you decipher the jargon. We will be adding to this with more definitions over time.

ETFtracker Data Terms

The following terms come from the app and are based on data that comes from the ASX and Chi-X exchanges.


  • 1-month and 1-year total returns - this is the Total Price returns from Bloomberg for the month being measured and takes into account dividends being reinvested. The ASX and Chi-X provide this on a 1-year basis as well.

  • 3-Year and 5-year total returns - these are also provided in the app but refer to the annualised total returns on a 3 and 5-year basis where those ETFs have that data available.


  • FUM - Known as funds under management (and also called assets under management), this is the total amount of investments held in a particular ETF.

  • Net Inflows - refers to the money going in and flowing out of an ETF. The ASX and Chi-X report the net figure here so if it is positve then more money came than left and vice versa if negative. This takes into account primary and secondary market transactions.