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A new ETFtracker resource - Google Finance Comparisons

If you've ever wanted to see what ETFs might be similar to yours and compare their price performance, you'd need to know which ones to look at and then you'd also need tools to do the comparison. We released a new feature that gives you both with our Google Finance Comparisons page here:

Google Finance provides users with an ability to pick different securities (equities, ETFs) and compare up to 5 of them. It doesn't cover all ASX ETFs (no passive and missing some commodity ones) but it does cover about 150 of them. Of that number we've pulled together around 100 of them into various groups such as Region or ESG or Financial or Technology focused and more. By making these groups its easier for users to see what other ETFs are similar in theme or category to what they're looking at or they might even be starting from scratch and want to search for what different kinds of ESG ETFs there are.

Daily prices are one of the things I don't yet have in my ETFtracker app at the moment but coupling the above with the monthly ASX/Chi-X updates on other metrics like ETF net inflows, FUM, spread% and more paints great picture of what's going on in the markets. Coupling this with our holdings analysis tools and ETF investors can also look under the hood with various ETFs.


The animation above shows that there is a menu of different groupings users can click on at the top of the page and it takes them directly to that page section. In the section are the ETF tickers and names and we’ve also included images of what the Google Finance price comparison looks like as of the 14th August. The links provide will already have the ETF groups in them so click on those to get the up to date daily results.

In Google Finance you can also create your own comparisons but this should help you get you started.

You can also CTRL+F to search for a particular ticker if you like.

FYI – Because Google Finance only allows for comparisons of 5 securities at a time I’ve had to create multiples of the same thematic like Technology or ESG.

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