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The home of ETFtracker, a free source of insights for the Australian ETF market with data from the ASX and Chi-X


Why Choose ETFtracker


Interactive exploration

If you're tired of static insights from financial news stories then you've come to the right place. Making the static tables of data come to life with an interactive application means you can explore more than just what you read in the headlines and gain more in-depth insights that can keep you better informed about the ETF market and your investments.


Data driven stories

Using our application and analysis we create interactive stories to make the data come to life. Each month we produce a new set of insights from the data that you can scroll through. 


Trusted Sources

The data here comes from trusted sources, namely the ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) and Chi-X. Each month they produce and share data insights on monthly fund performance and each month we gather these insights and display them in the interactive format you see in our app.

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Why is it free?

We use publicly available sources of information to create this application and believe that better insights come from making this available at a low cost and the lowest cost is free. Additionally, our main work comes from data consulting to various finance/non-finance clients and this work is also an advertisement for our capabilities

Can I share or embed this app in my own website?

Yes you can. Since it's currently built using Power BI, any user can click on the share icon at the bottom right of the app page and use that link to place this app within your own website. We just ask that you attribute us or our website in your work.

Can I trade through this app?

No. This app is purely for analysis purposes only and does not give financial advice but you will find a list of companies who can help you with your trading requirements. We are also affiliated with Prosperity Advisers and their wealth management unit can assist further with your personal inquiries.

How often is the data updated?

Monthly. The main data sources for the app come from the major Australian exchanges where you can trade these sorts of funds. These are the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and Chi-X. These venues update their data on a monthly basis. 


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