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2020 year in review (PREVIEW)

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Next week we should see December results come out from the ASX (and a few days later, Chi-X) which means we'll be able to update and showcase our year in review.

Whatever security class/asset you look at, there are inevitably year in review articles and analysis done but many aren't made very interactive. In line with the ETFtracker app, we've created an additional interactive app that focuses on how ETFs and their issuers faired in 2020.

Below is a preview of what's in store but the figures are still to be finalised so use the following as a guide.

Users will get an intro page

They'll see some tiled highlights which they can click on to see more details

We will have highlight pages showcasing some more in-depth details

For those interested in more detailed analysis, they can also view more to see how ETF issuers, categories, thematics and funds performed over the course of 2020.

More to come so stay tuned.

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