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What a (media) week

Hi folks!

What a week it was for media appearances on ETFTracker. This week saw us do 2x ausbiz appearances and work with the awesome folks at Livewire Markets on an ETF article they wrote. The focus for all was the year that was FY20/21.

But now you get to see it in a few more formats.

First up we have the ausbiz market update on Monday 12th July -

Livewire’s article from the awesome Ally Selby came out on Tuesday. Here's the link and an example of how to get into the app -

Finally, the folks at Equity Mates were kind enough to ask me back for a market update and deep dive into some ETF conversions and ESG.

Various themes from all of the above include the outstanding growth we continue to see as more investors pile into the ETF markets, the active and passive space and some new active managed ETFs that were previously closed-ended funds and what to expect as we head towards the 2nd half of 2021.

Anyway, that's probably enough from us for a few weeks - we'll go back to making Instagram, YouTube and TikTok videos (all whilst watching hte markets).

Thanks for following along and happy investing!

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