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Using the Dashboard Section - ETFtracker Application

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

UPDATE: As of July 2021, the ETFtracker has been updated to a new format - to see how the new app works you can check out the following App Guide videos on Youtube: and this article in the blog:

In this article we show you how you what's in the Dashboard section of the ETFtracker application.

Once a user is in the app, the default landing page is the Dashboarrd section. This is updated once a month to incorporate new ASX and Chi-X datasets and provides a snapshot of the ETF markets for the month.

In the example below the user is looking at December 2020 data. There are some filters the user can access and change and as this occurs, the charts and visuals on the page change.

Additionally, if a user wants to view the data in more detail they simply can hover over a chart and click the expand button on the top right of that object. Once the image in full screen mode, the user can go back by clicking "Back to Report" on the top left of the page.

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