Using the Analytics section - ETFtracker Application

In this article we show you how you what's in the Analytics section of the ETFtracker application.

Once a user is in the app, they can move to the Analytics section using the menu options on the left hand side. The Analytics section was built to make in-depth analysis of the monthly ETF data more visual and interactive than having to pour through multiple Excel/PDF files for answers.

This section has a variety of sub-categories relating to

  • Performance

  • Historic Yield

  • Liquidity

  • Transactions

  • Spread

  • Inflow/Outflow

  • FUM

  • Comparisons

  • Table

Each section takes data from the ASX/Chi-X reportes and shows different views of this data via separate charts and sub-sections.

In the example below we can see a user look at performance and different sub-menu views. They also click on some of the filters to change what's on the page and can even expand on charts to see them in more detail.