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Navigation in the ETFtracker Application

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

UPDATE: As of July 2021, the ETFtracker has been updated to a new format - to see how the new app works you can check out the following App Guide videos on Youtube: and this article in the blog:

In this short article we show you how to navigate the ETFtracker Application once it's been accessed.

Navigation is based on the main menu section on the left side of the app as well as sub-menus that change according to which menu option you have selected.

The main menu is divided into SECTIONS and CATEGORIES. There are 4 section

  1. Dashboard

  2. Analytics

  3. Single ETF View

  4. Data Stories

Each of these sections may or may not have its own set of Categories. As you click on each section you'll see what is available.

For more details of what's in each section in terms of features, please see the relevant blog articles.

See below for animation of navigation of the app action.


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