It's getting hot in here... and heatmaps just won't do

Time for an update

Whilst we’re still early in the new year, the ideas I had to refresh the ETFtracker app were still fresh in my head.

As a reminder, we have 4 key areas of the app:

  • Dashboard

  • Analytics

  • Single ETF view

  • Data Stories

Analytics lets you look at the various metrics produced by ASX and Chi-X historically in an interactive way across different sub-menus. Single ETF View pulls multiple metrics together onto one page to give you an overall ETF snapshot. Data Stories is a semi-interactive look at some key stories coming out from the ETF data each month.

The Dashboard section needed an overhaul though. It showed some bar charts with rankings of spreads and net inflows. It had a scatter chart for 1-month vs 1-year price returns. It also had 2x line charts showing number of trades each month and the number of Funds/ETFs listed on both exchanges.

Whilst there was some filtering that users could do the big limitation was that, for a dashboard, it was not really a dashboard.

Putting our data analytics hat on for a second we know that dashboards are meant to convey some simple key messages and display them in an easily digestable way. The best dashboards contain data and charts that need little to no explanation.

For ETFtracker to be even more useful and insightful it needs some help.