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FY20/21 Year in Review

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Another month another report but this time it's June 2021 and that meanst means we can now take a look back to see what happened in the Australian ETF market for the last financial year. There are a number of key events that were quite interesting including:

  • FUM growth to over $113 billion

  • Top Inflows were led by global equity ETFs

  • Continued rise of ESG investing

  • Performance was led by leveraged ETFs

Let's explore each of these a little bit more.

FUM growth to over $113 billion

$65.6 billion on ASX/Chi-X as at 1 July 2020 and now at $113.5 billion as of June 2021, 73% year on year growth.

FUM growth - January 2017 to June 2021

Breaking this down we see that Global Equity ETFs (ex Asia and Emerging Market) had the most FUM as of June 2021 with $53 billion followed by Australian Equity ETFs at nearly $31 billion.

FUM by ETF Category - January 2017 to June 2021

Net Inflows grew by $35 billion over the last 12 months

The biggest area of growth was in Global Equity ETFs by a wide margin. Over $22bn of net inflows went to them compared with $4.8bn to Aussie Equities.

Net Inflows from July 2020 to June 2021

Top inflows to ETFs were driven by a few interesting ones such as MGOC and HYGG which were closed ended funds that converted to ETFs

Inflows by ETF

They didn’t necessarily grow organically after they were listed on the exchange.

If you take those out the biggest and most popular ETFs were the core type ETFs of VAS and IOZ for the local ASX exposure and NDQ for US exposure.

ESG related ETFs made a splash as well with $1.7 billion coming through for them and total FUM now at over $4.2 billion. ETHI leads the way there but new listings like ERTH and IESG add to the impressive list of performers like CLNE and IMPQ.

FUM for ESG themed ETFS - Jan 2017 to June 2021


Performance in June 2021 was positive with the overall market seeing +2.5% growth. The cumulative trends are shown below with the metric showing the ETF categories monthly performance for June 2021. We can see most were in the green, led by Australian Property at +5.3% and Global Equities at +3.7%.

1-month price returns (latest and trend) - January 2017 to June 2021

This was led by the leveraged play on the Nasdaq, LNAS at +15.6%. This was followed by CLDD the cloud computing play at +14.0% and FANG at +13.9% and ERTH, the climate focused ETF at +11.9%.

ETF 1-month returns - June 2021

In terms of performance (measured by cumulative 1-month total price returns – this takes into account dividends being reinvested), the best ETFs were mainly the leveraged ones

  1. GGUS: +81.5%

  2. LNAS: +68.5%

  3. OOO: +64.3%

  4. ACDC: +63.6%

  5. GEAR: +55.4%

  6. FANG: +53.2%

  7. IJR: +44.8%

  8. MVB: +43.1%

  9. VVLU: +42.7%

  10. BNKS: +41.8%

Additionally, we look at 1-month versus 1-year returns by ETF, ETF Category and Theme.

1-month vs 1-year total price returns by ETF - June 2021

1-month vs 1-year total price returns by ETF Category - June 2021

1-month vs 1-year total price returns by Theme - June 2021

More information is available in the app here:

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