Exchange Traded Fridays - Issue 1 - 23rd July 2021

Welcome to Issue 1 of Exchange Traded Fridays. A collection of articles, opinions and data for the world of ETFs. Primary focus will be Australian ETFs but where relevant, we'll add global news too. So let's get started.

In case you missed it, we saw the following happenings over the last week in the world of ETFs


  • SmallCaps - ETFs growing fast as younger investors aim for low costs - Looking at the growth of younger investors in the ETF markets as higher house prices push investors to other markets. Additionally, a look at active vs passive and other topics.

  • ShareCafe - What is Driving the Demand for Fixed Income ETFs? - article by Russell Investments for ShareCafe looking at what is driving interest in fixed income ETFs. This includes their outlook for rates and inflation.

  • RRmetrics comprehensive ETF report for July - Rodney Lay and the team at Risk Return Metrics created this new monthly report on the ETF markets covering 180 ETFs. It's quite detailed so if you're diving into ETFs further check it out. Then if you see something interesting there and want to explore it more in ETFtracker you can jump back into our app.

  • Of Dollars and Data - We are all investors now - Great article from Nick Maggiulli documenting the rise of retail investing from very early ages of human society to where it's likely heading next. Hint hint, it's to do with customisation.

  • Livewire - Is gold set to be institutionalized - article from Jordan Eliseo from the Perth Mint. They have an ETF called PMGOLD and this article looks at why superannuation funds may be looking to allocate portions to gold. Lots of charts and data here so check it out.