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ETF Inflows to March 2021

Check out this awesome animation made with Flourish ( and using ASX and Chi-X data.

It shows the growth of ETF Net Inflows ($m) since 2017. We can see Australian and Global Equities being the leaders in where investor funds are going and there has been (in late 2020) a recent push higher in global equities thanks to the listing of MGOC (AUD $12 billion in November) and HYGG (AUD $1.15 billion in March 2021). These latter 2 are direct listings of managed funds so were able to add their years of existing FUM growth.

Whether synthetic or naturally occurring, it's great to see the ETF markets grow to have the AUD $102 billion in FUM they now enjoy.

The chart below is interactive so click on the play/pause button or use the slider to see things at any point in time. Also, you can click on categories in the legend to filter out categories you may not want to look at.

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