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Equity Mates - Episode 86 - ETF Year in Review

If you're unfamiliar with Equity Mates then you need to get on board. They've turned a passion for investing and asking questions about the markets into a podcast and live show with ausbiz and I was lucky enough to get on board for episode 86.

In this episiode we take a look at the FY21 year in review after the latest release of data from the ASX. We also dive into some questions on the differences between active and passive ETFs, ESG ETFs and a bit more. Check it out below.

Also, we mentioned in the show that we hadn't crunched the numbers on what the FUM growth was this year compared to previous years. It's quite a bit more. I said 71% in the show from June 2020 to June 2021 (I should have said 73%) and looking at previous years it's double those historical averages.

FUM in those years (as of June each year) was:

  • June 2017: 29,264,748,101

  • June 2018: 38,871,646,956

  • June 2019: 50,589,913,939

  • June 2020: 65,633,023,173

  • June 2021113,517,898,212

This means year on year (y/y ) growth is as follows:

This is actually the 2nd episode of Equity Mates that we've been on. Earlier this year we discussed ETF resources and data with the guys. Check that out below.

They're on Spotify, Apple and other good podcasting providers and if you're interested in other shows they do each afternoon on ausbiz, make sure to join that and follow along:

Happy Investing!

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