Diving Deeper into March 2021 figures

Here's a further deep dive into some figures I'll talk about on ausbiz later on today check out www.ausbiz.com.au for more.

Record $100 billion FUM... what was driving it? Global Equity ETFs - new Hyperion listing

We can se that growth is now up to AUD $28.2bn for local equity ETFs and taking out MGOC from global equity ETFs, we get AUD $32.4bn.

This month the leading proponent was a new listing from Hyperion (HYGG). This is its High Quality Long Term growth ETF you can learn more about here: https://www.hyperion.com.au/hyperion-global-growth-companies-fund-asx-listed-hygg/

It's had a strong record of performance since 2014 with benchmark beating figures.. It added its AUD $1.15bn worth of inflows to the Aussie market in last month.