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Check us out on Clubhouse and Discord .... and TikTok

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Spreading the good data word on ETFs means finding more valuable ways to share these insights. We recently explored the Clubhouse app which saw an explosion in popularity late last year and early this year. With the advent of Android users now being able to join we were able to sign up ourselves. There's a lot of great investing insights (and other non-finance clubs) to check out and one that we liked so much we joined in was The ASX Hustle. If you're on Clubhouse already then come find us and join or hit me up if you need an invite to the app (I may know of some spares).

Clubhouse is great but there's limited ability to share more than conversations. So The ASX Hustle crew created a Discord server called The Market Hustle with a whole bunch of different rooms to share insights. There's an ETF area (see below) and rooms on equities, specific stocks and sectors and even crypto.

If you'd like to join then do so here:

Finally, we're also on TikTok and have a few videos so far but hopefully we can share some interesting data insights and charts with other FinTokkers.

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