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List of news and media appearances doing ETF market analysis and offering interesting insights and data.

ausbiz - April 2021 ETF Market Update

This was a bit of a different episode with this being the first time dialled in from home. Thanks to Andrew and Kara for putting up with my audio.

Highlights included strong growth in FUM to over $106 billion on the back of $2bn worth of net inflows as well as another month of strong performance with the market averaging +2.4% returns .


More details in the market update:

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ausbiz - March 2021 ETF Market Update

Highlights included the market breaking the $100 billion mark in FUM (total was over $102 billion). Additionally, overall performance was +2.4% for the month marking a solid set of green across the ETF board. 


More details in the market update:

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ausbiz - February 2021 ETF Market Update

Highlights included the strong performance of OOO, FUEL and BNKS as well as highlighting some holdings analysis that shows average of top 10 holdings across 155 ETFs where data was available, was ~44%. 


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ausbiz / Equity Mates - ETF Resources

Appearance on Equity Mates broadcast as part of ausbiz. In this show we looked at various ETF resources including where to get data and some other apps where ETF analysis is available. 

ETF apps and resources are on this site under the Resources menu.

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ausbiz - January 2021 ETF update

Highlights included the continued growth of FUM for Australian traded ETFs, now at $96 billion. 

We also looked best performances for first month of 2021 and Technology and ASIA (BetaShares) topped the charts. 

More details in the blog:

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ausbiz - 2020 Year in Review

2020 year in review time with a look back at what were some of the major themes and trends of 2020. This included review of inflows, FUM and performance. 

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ausbiz - October 2020 ETF update

Review of October 2020 performance of Australian ETFs. Highlights included $2.2 billion worth of additional net inflows in the month. Other highlights included the best thematic performance which showed Technology related themes as the top performing group.

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