Details on how filtering works in the ETFtracker app

With all of the data available in the app, it's important to be able to filter to specific things that are relevant for you. There are 2 ways that users can fitler the application data, via the filter menu and also via interactivity with the charts.

The previous version of ETFtracker saw a limited space for filters to sit at the top of the page which meant only a few types of filters can be provided.


In this version we use a popout option (just like the new menu options) to showcase the various filters available.


Below we show how the filter menu works and more filter options will be added in this menu as the app is further developed.

Users can filter on the following options

  • Categories

  • Thematic

  • ETF provider 

  • ETF Ticker / Fund Name

  • Date / Period

  • Active vs Passive 

Below is an animation of how this works

popout filters.gif


Users can also click on different elements in the charts in ETFtracker to filter other charts as they are all connected. For example, if a user is looking at a bar chart showcasing ETFs, they can click on a bar and it will filter the other charts on the page.

chart filtering.gif