App Details

The various sections of the ETFtracker application are shown below. As we release more capabilities this page will be updated.


This is the homepage for the applicaiton. Each month it will be updated to showcase the latest snapshot of data from the ASX and Chi-X. 


Using the filters on the side of the app lets you view what's going on in the markets at different levels. Interested in what the market looks like for Fixed Income ETF's, you can use the category filter. 

When you want to move on, click on one of the other section items



The analytics section of the app is where we break down the data across 9 different categories. Each category has a sub-menu that gives you different views such as ranking by ETF category or by individual fund.

Using the filters at the top of the page, the user can focus on certain groups of ETF's or even a single ETF to gain insights into areas such as price performance, yield, liquidity, inflows and more.

Single ETF view

The Single ETF view was created as a way to give a snapshot at an indivudal fund level. The Analytics section can be used to zoom into a single ETF but it focuses on an individual category at a time. In this section the user can pick an indivudal ETF (like ATEC) and see a variety of metrics that relate to it, all on a single page.


Data Stories

This section gives users the ability to click on 1 of 4 panels to view commentary/analysis that we have found to be interesting for that month. The stories can be navigated by clicking on each of the titles and each page has some interactive elemtns that allow the user to explore more details.